Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator Case Analysis

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Perhaps one of the most difficult decisions I’ve had to make in my life so far was whether to not to go on a mission for my church. This decision was about more than choosing love over religion, but about what it would mean for my life. Taking the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) has been a great opportunity for me. After taking the MBTI I learned that I am an ENFJ, this is something that has helped understand more about myself and major decisions I have made in the past; such as not going on a mission or not going to a four year college. I have learned not only what these traits mean, but in what circumstances they are used; like the fact that shadow, or opposite, traits tend to emerge in highly stressful situations. As an ENFJ, one of…show more content…
The final decision was made when I began dating my current fiancé. I was already reflecting on my decisions that had lead me to begin the paperwork process, but having a boyfriend outside of my religion forced me to make the final decision. Going on a mission meant leaving home for eighteen months and virtually putting my life on hold. I would be sent anywhere in the world that was considered safe to travel for Americans, and the only communication I would maintain with home had to be through whether email or snail mail, depending on the area, once a week. Not only that but at the time I also had no place to call home, no job, degree, or even work experience so that I could hope to find a job when returning home. My mother was also homeless in another part of the state and it was already difficult to maintain contact with her, so moving to a random location in the world for eighteen months would mean I might not be able to talk to her at all. And to add to all that, I was in the beginning of a romantic relationship with one of my best friends; would he be there when I got back? Would I be missing out on a huge opportunity by staying home, or missing out on a great man by…show more content…
Though I no longer regret it, I cannot deny that my decision to attend a community college instead of a four year was a mistake. Growing up my parents tried their best to make sure that I would have the opportunity to do whatever I wanted with college education despite our economic status. They entered me in educational programs, encouraged reading, taught me over the summer, and were always there to help. When I graduated high school I found myself at a major cross roads. I was sixteen, living away from home and held multiple acceptance letters in my hand; but the school I wanted to go to was in New York. It was across the country as required a parent’s sign off since I wasn’t eighteen. A signature my mother wasn’t willing to provide. Instead of going to another four year college, I decided to go to a local community college. I hadn’t considered what this would mean for my future, that I would be living with people who not only weren’t my family, but had no responsibility or commitment to keep me in their house hold. I didn’t even consider what it would mean for my educational future, like the fact that half of the college I was accepted to would be transferable to through the community college I chose to attend. I only thought of what I wanted right then. At that moment I wanted to go to New York, and decided I would do so my going to a community college so that I
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