Mezlocillin Penicillin Lab Report

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Research question: In this experiment we will use 6 different antibiotics which are Mezlocillin,Cefazolin,Lincomycin,Penicillin,Erythromycin,and Oxacillin on these two bacteria that is Bacillus subtilis and Micrococcus luteus and see the result which antibiotic will work better on which bacteria. We will put the bacteria on agar-agar plate with the antibiotic and leave plate for a week to get the result how effectively the antibiotic have work on the bacteria. Background on antibiotic: Bacillus subtilis:It can be easily found as it in soil,human and the gastrointestinal. It can withstand extreme environmental condition( e.g heat, cold etc). It can be tough and have a shaped of a rod like structure. It is one of the top in secret enzyme production.…show more content…
It is also a gram positive. It is used to contaminant the sick patients as it resistant by slowing a major processes of metabolic and induction of unique genes. Mezlocillin: Mezlocillin is a broad- spectrum penicillin antibiotic. This penicillin have higher chance against gram negative and some on gram positive bacteria.But it is excreted by liver, that why it is useful for treating biliary tract infections, such as ascending cholangitis. Cefazolin:An antibiotic which will work on many bacteria infection.It normally administered either by intravenous infusion ( intravenous fluid into vein) or intramuscular injection (injection into a large muscle).As many of the antibiotics it also have side effect which are vomiting,diarrhea,nausea, and rash. Lincomycin: Lincomycin use for the people who can't take penicillin antibiotic. But it only used when there is severe infection because of it toxicity and harmful side effect it is rarely…show more content…
Oxacillin: This antibiotic act to the cell of the bacteria, it block the growth of the cell wall which result in kill the bacteria. Usually it administered by injection. Hypothesis: For mezlocillin I guess it will not work as well as other antibiotics because it has higher chance at gram negative compared to gram positive, which are Micrococcus luteus and Bacillus subtilis. Also penicillin has been used for many year because of it continuously use many bacteria has got resistance to it and I think it will not work as good as other antibiotic which are mentioned here . Other than these two I guess one of the antibiotic will work quite fine as they have quite unique and powerful way to stop or kill the bacteria, so one way or another one antibiotic will sure to get a good result. Independent variable: Dependent variable: In this experiment we will measure the zone of the inhabited, how much the antibiotic have work on the bacteria?We will measure the area that antibiotic have taken from the bacteria. To measure the area as accurate as possible we will use digital

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