Mezzo-Level Practice

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Mezzo-level practice is an important aspect for social workers because it focuses on a client’s family system, school, community, neighborhood, and any relevant local organizations or agencies. Social workers working with undocumented students soon learn of the disadvantaged position these students are placed in their local communities. There will be a focus on Latino/a undocumented students in this paper because the undocumented population is mostly made up of Latinos. This paper will discuss the problem at a mezzo-level, research-based interventions, theories, evaluation, and how social work skills, values, and ethical considerations can possibly impact the work with the client system. Problem & Perspectives Mezzo-level practice of social work looks into the interactions between undocumented students and their communities and local organizations. Undocumented students face so many barriers due to their lack of legal status, such as restrictions…show more content…
The community affects individual clients, therefore, social work practitioners should look into the programs and resources available in the community for the client to utilize. This method of assessing also takes into account the social structures of a community. If there is a lack of necessary resources in the community then it is something that a social work practitioner can organize and advocate for. Looking at a community’s strengths and capacities is an empowering approach that makes it more likely for the members of the community to respond and collaborate. This also helps in ensuring that power struggles or conflicts don’t arise and retract progress. This kind of community assessment brings about opportunities to address the needs of vulnerable populations and makes sure that resources are being equally distributed which further enhances the functionality and development of group relations in the
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