Mf Hussein Contribution

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M.F Hussein
Maqbool Feda Hussein is an Indian painter. He is not only an outstanding painter but a very famous producer and his first film was 'Through the Eyes of a Painter '. He portrayed different aspects of Indian society through his paintings which spread Indian culture and Indian art all around the globe. He faced lots of resistance on his works but he never stop and he gave Indian modern art more and more glorification.
There is lots of things to learn from MF Husain when he started working his work, almost for two years there was no attention to his work but he never got disappointed. He did not stop working he did more hard works, which he later received many national and international awards. When he moves to Mumbai for the first time it was really difficult for him to earn money and finally somehow he managed to earn money through engaging in other works and he went to Art school in Mumbai and it was the beginning of involving him more in painting.
MF Hussein: and Male Domination and Patriarchy
His mother passed away in the early ages and he never saw his mother. He was mostly painting female which he was looking to find his mother’s real picture through paintings in the whole life. It shows how Hussein was attempting to fill up somehow the absence of mother in his life through paintings. It reflect the role of women in a society which women play a very significant role not only in the family but in the whole world. That is all Hussein wanted to show how women
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