Mgt 311 Week 3 Discussion 1

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Superintendent Elliott made some errors in this situation. A couple of the errors were responding to the parent complaint without referring him to the proper level and failing to listen to the principal. The complaint that was made by the parent is something that should have been handled by the building principal. Instead of trying to take care of the situation himself the superintendent he should have led the parent to the correct building level channel first to come to allow them the chance to come to a solution. The building principal should have been able to build a stronger school community relation with this parent by being honest and handling his mistake. The other error that I see that the superintendent made was making a conclusion from just speaking to this one parent and not talking to his principal or looking…show more content…
Since this was only the second time that the Wes Berry had been in the superintendent 's office is a big sign that they had not developed a relationship. The office had never been open to him to come collaborate, seek advice, or seek support on things happening in his building. Since this relationship had not been built prior to this situation we can assume that the majority of information that that the superintendent receives about the building is from parents or other resources. To help avoid situations like this I believe that Wes should start sharing information and happenings from around his school building with the superintendent. He should make sure that the superintendent makes his perception of this school building from him not mainly from others outside the building. This will begin a relationship between Wes and the superintendent hopefully where he could get assistance when an issue like this occurs again. Wes should also make sure that he seek assistance from an English teacher within his building to help him proofread newsletters or notes that he is sending out to parents. This could help prevent this situation from happening
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