Mgt 311 Week 3 Individual Assignment

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The three assignments that I have selected from the research toolbox assignment are annotation practice, peer reviews/revision plans, and synthesis matrix. These three research tools have been very helpful to me throughout my last two major assignments, the literature review and research prospectus. The annotation practice was a great way to prepare me on how to cite my sources properly. It also helped me to practice on summarizing sources and putting the authors ideas into my own words. Even though we completed this assignment at the beginning of the term, I still was able to learn from it as the term progressed. Throughout the other assignments I still had minor mistakes within my annotation but I believe towards the end I began to understand the concept more when I…show more content…
Even though it can be stressful to have to tell someone that their work isn 't correct, it can still be very beneficial to that person. After the first peer review I became more accepting to the idea of letting someone tell me what was wrong with my paper. I think it’s a great way to get another persons view on your paper. Along with peer reviews are revisions plans and they too can be beneficial because that gives the writer the opportunity to see their mistakes and correct them. On all my assignments I have used these tools and I have also visited the writing center on one of my assignments, which was very helpful. Another tool that I thought was helpful to me during my assignments was the synthesis matrix. The synthesis matrix is my favorite tool and I will continue to use this throughout the rest of my courses. It made comparing, contrasting, and combining different sources at one time very easy. It gave me a head start on the literature review and it made it come together more easily. It also made my major assignment, the research prospectus to seem less stressful than the actual literature review

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