Mgt 311 Week 3 Time Management Task

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Part Three: The Learning process

Aim 1: Time Mangement Balance and divide time to each area of focus to an acceptable level.
• Research key time management techniques, implement one
• Research key stress management techniques, implement one
• Identify, list, and prioritise short term and long term goals and tasks
• Set time limits and deadlines to effficiently meet these goals
• Keeping to-do lists and update them regularly
• Avoid activities which are not important and waste time or cause procrastination

Outcome: I will be able to sufficiently divide my time between tasks and complete them on time. A comprehensive log will be kept for the first week to observe where I waste the most and the least amount of time. I will also keep daily and weekly to do list and continuously review my progress and reward myself for completed tasks. I will be able to apply these techniques and experience to future roles.

Aim 2: Intergrate and identify knowledge gained from my studies to a practical working environment
Research the company’s main goals
• Identify relevant academic theories in the workplace; outcomes and ethics of the organisaion
• Document the
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It will also strengthen the knowledge gained with university studies by linking pratice to theoretical concepts. I will be able to observe gaps in my understanding and if need be increase my knowledge of certain issues. This will be completed by identifying relevant theories and concepts introduced at university to aspects of the organisation. Evidence for this task will include writing a final reflection of the theories and knowledge relveant to the organisation, that I learnt at university, where and when I used this and where I sought to advance this knowledge . This will allow me to identify my pratical perspective of the information I have learned during my time at

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