Mi Kmaq Vs Inuit Tribe Essay

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I learned a lot about both the Mi’kmaq and Inuit tribe, it is very entertaining to research such amazing and interesting tribes. I learned so many things about these tribes and I hope you do too. The main idea about the Inuit and Mi’kmaqs is they are very similar and different in so many ways. If you want to learn about these tribes then read on. The Mi’kmaq tribe and Inuit tribe have some similarities. Some of these similarities are is they both hunt for really anything that lives in the sea because the Inuit live in the Arctic..There is Arctic sea and there are more fish in the water than there is more animals above the water. Also, the Mi’kmaq tribe is on the Atlantic Coast and there is a lot of sea animals in the water too. Both tribes hunt for themselves, cook for themselves, make shelter for themselves, they are very independent. They both used spears for a lot of things for example for hunting, weaponry, also to…show more content…
A pithouse is partly dug in the ground and covered by a roof. They hunted fish such as Tomcod, Atlantic salmons, mackerel, brook trout, herring, and cod. Other animals they hunted are raccoons, bears, squirrels, beavers, moose, seals, and caribou. As well as, in the winter there hunting game was very small because, it was a normal cold, and not a harsh cold or not that cold. The Mi’kmaqs are a committed, hardworking tribe, because they do things for themselves like hunting and making shelter. I have proved that the Mi’kmaqs and the Inuits have many similarities. But they are different in their own ways.They are both very hard working tribes. What I learned from this research is so many things about the both tribes. What I think about these tribes is it is so interesting to see very different tribes having things that are similar to each other. It was fun to research both tribes, i’d really like to do this research
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