Mia And The Bomb Short Story

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Mia And The Bomb It was a beautiful spring morning. Grant Elementary School was as it should be, kids were waiting for their teachers shivering outside their classrooms. Everyone was saying, “Hi” and you could hear the laughs of joy coming from the playground. Most of the yard duties were yelling to kids saying, “go to the playground.” They walked slowly hoping their teacher would show up any second. “Hello children,” said a voice behind them. “Yay,” they shouted as they looked at the yard duty with the smile of a winner. Yep everything was great, but a student was making another student 's life a little unusual and that is where our story begins. “Mia,” shouted someone it was Lainey. “Hi Lainey,” said Mia. “Kate was just asking me if you…show more content…
“Ok so where did u put the bomb.” “Over there,” Kate pointed her finger to the wall closest to Mia’s classroom “Ok I think we need to get my teacher out of the the classroom Mia said panicking.” They rushed to Mia’s class and told her teacher about the bomb she went to the office and told them to alert the school not to go near the library. Mia and Kate were back in the library when Lainey came in “Oh hi Mia said lainey what are you doing.” “Lainey! Mia shouted we need your help.” “We need you to help us with this bomb Kate shouted.” “You put a bomb in the school library.,” “AHH,” screamed Kate just help us. “Ok,”Lainey was wondering why Kate would go this far she had always hated Mia but she should never go too far. “Maybe we should try smashing it,” stated Mia. “Get the emergency hammer,” Lainey demanded. Kate got the hammer and tried smashing it. “Well that didn’t work the time is going faster now,” Kate screamed with fright. “I’ll try finding a code,” said Mia. “Wait,” Kate blurted “you only get three shots at getting the code right so we must be careful.,” “Mia you 're the smartest out of me and Kate,” stated lainey “you choose the

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