Miami County Jail Case Study

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Wabash County jail (WC) and Miami County jail (MC) where the two jails we visited last week and these two jails are extremely different in many ways. Three of which stood out to me was the population of the jails, the building conditions, and the amount of staffing throughout the jail. In my opinion, Miami County jail is better overall and especially in these three areas. The population of both jails is something that stood out to me the most, in my opinion Wabash has almost zero to no space for inmates, while Miami County seemed to have some space to spare. Miami County jail can hold about 180 some inmates, while as Wabash County can only hold around 70-80 inmates. Miami County jail had about roughly 168 inmates when we visited, so they still had space to spare if more are to come in, while as Wabash was over their limit and had about 50 some inmates serving their sentence over in Miami County. Therefore, Wabash isn’t fit to hold the amount of inmates they have which leads to more inmates in a block cell than there should be, there are about 7 block cells in Wabash, two of which are for females, and two special cells. Miami County had about 12 pod units, two for females, and the rest…show more content…
Wabash County jail was built in 1979 and Miami County was built in 2009. With the 30 year gap between the two jails it isn’t hard to see which one is updated and which one isn’t. Wabash jail still uses hand keys and a major key, that will open any door in the jail from what I had saw. Wabash’s use of technology is almost slim to none; they still have surveillance cameras but have no actual cameras in the cells to see what is going on. Whereas, Miami County has security cards and locked doors that do not allow another door to open if one is already open, for security purposes. Secondly, Miami County has cameras in every

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