Miami Seaquarium Research Paper

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Once breakfast was over, my uncle took out of his pocket a little notebook intended for scientific observation. He consulted his various instruments one after another, and recorded the following data:
I glanced at him from across the kitchen with a curious look. As soon as he saw my expression he stood up from his seat and left the room. I never understood that man... He has never been normal, but ever since he took a job at the aquarium he has been extremely distant from the family. We used to spend day after day together venturing around Miami, the city we live in, and learning new things about the variety of cultures here.
My uncle is a highly trained scientist observing habitats in the wild as well as a multitude of animals. When he go the job at Miami Seaquarium, he informed me that they had hired him to observe the animals because apparently there was something wrong with them, but now everything has changed. He’s a different person now. I just hope he is doing something for the better of the animals.
Uncle’s Point of View:
My nephew is a curious one. He consistently questions my work; however, I don’t have the ability to share it with him, so he should keep to himself. My
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To make sure that they are accurately and safely holding these animals in captivity they asked me to do some extensive research. I take a multitude of audio samples of animals in captivity and compare them to those in the wild. I began the recording process with birds in captivity. After I recorded the birds here at Miami Seaquarium, I went to capture the sound of birds in the wild. These recordings informed me that the birds overall sounds were similar, but the songs the birds sang in captivity seemed less beautiful and sounded quite melancholy. The songs the wild birds sang were natural and uplifting in
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