Miami VA Healthcare System: A Case Study

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Nutrition and Food Services at the Miami VA Healthcare System is managed as a team by all supervisors. The managers that run the Nutrition and Food Services (NFS) at the Miami VA include the Food Service Systems Manager, Veteran Experience Systems Manager, Clinical Nutrition Manager and the Assistant Chief/Operations Manager. The Chief of NFS, who is a registered dietitian, is responsible for establishing guidelines and ensuring compliance to provide a safe food supply for all patients and residents in the Community Living Center (CLC) according to their medical and nutritional needs. Clinical service procedures and organization is the main responsibility of the Clinical Nutrition Manager. Nonetheless, all the managers, Assistant Chief and Chief are involved in making important decisions in each nutrition and dietetic position. In the Miami VA, (NFS) follow the Nutrition Therapy Manual, which is the West Palm Beach- Miami Veterans Affairs Medical Center Diet Manual, created to provide dietary and nutritional guidelines for the veteran population (Miami VA Medical Center, 2013). The manual includes diets for the general veteran population and for those that need provision of medical nutrition therapy diets.
The Clinical Nutrition Manager at the Miami VA is responsible for reviewing electronic medical records of patients, conducting
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The inpatient dietitian can place a consult to one of the specialty outpatient nutrition services to ensure continuity of care when the patient is being discharged. Other outpatient nutrition services offered include the Healthy Teaching Kitchen (HTK) demonstration, Managing Overweight/Obesity for Veterans Everywhere (MOVE), cardiovascular risk reduction, and diabetes management group classes. In addition, there is also the Home Based Primary Care (HBPC) program which provides primary health care in the home to veterans with multiple chronic medical

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