Micawber's Corruption

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“When Mr. Wickfield was ill, Uriah brought him papers to sign. He said that they were not important but actually they were very important. Mr. Wickfield signed the papers without reading them. He did not know what he was doing. Mr. Wickfield signed a paper saying that Uriah had lent him five thousand pounds. That was false. Uriah had lent him nothing.” Micawber quoted this in the letter, which he had launched, when he claimed Uriah Heep seduced him into the “criminal life”. This shows the desperation and corruption that Uriah Heep possessed and how he used the wholesomeness and aspiration of Mr. Micawber to take advantage of Mr. Wickfield’s business. Uriah Heep represents desperation because of how he take advantage of Mr. Micawber by tricking Micawber into working for him. Blinded by the fact that working for Heep solved his financial problems, Micawber does not realize that Uriah is exploiting Mr. Wickfield. Micawber is outraged and plots his revenge on Uriah by gathering and filing through numerous receipts and notebooks that Uriah and forged Mr. Wickfield’s signature on. Not only does Uriah take advantage of Mr. Micawber, he also takes advantage of Mr. Wickfield. Heep recognized that Wickfield was mourning his…show more content…
Micawber is a perfect example of wholesome and aspiration. Micawber is good to his family and is very caring and loving towards his wife. David meets Micawber when he is given a room to rent while he is working in London. Mr. Micawber is very eloquent and when he says things, he has to simplify them so David can understand. Debtors prison is a regular thing in Mr Micawber’s life. Micawber cannot seem to pay off his own debts before he pays off others. This allows us to see the more wholesome and caring side of Micawber. Towards the end of the story, Micawber gets the chance to move and live abroad in Australia where he becomes a manager and a successful government magistrate. They also got the chance to start a new life on the land “down
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