Michael Adams 'Stereotypes In I Am Canadian'

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Based on the provided commercials, Canadians are proud citizens. Each commercial has it’s own specific theme but every commercial related to this idea of being proud. In order, I watched all of the commercials and the “I Am Canadian” commercial set the tone and expectations that I had for the following three. The “I Am Canadian” commercial is set up like a public speech, which gives the audience a general idea of how the rest of the commercial is going to be presented. In “I Am Canadian” commercial, the narrator starts off with the stereotypes of how Canadians are often proceed to be or how American’s view Canada. Later on in the “I am Canadian” commercial, the narrator changes the direction of his speech and begins to complement on the wonderful things that makes Canada…show more content…
In Michael Adams’ reading, Canada and the United States - Separated at Birth, he elaborates on the background history of Canada while comparing it to the United States, Canada’s political background and social views. Within the commercials, political and social views aren’t really discussed expect for in the “I Am Canadian” commercial where the narrator mentions that Canada doesn’t have a president but instead a prime minister. In Adams’ article, he mentions that America honors traditionally masculine qualities and Canada honors more feminine qualities. In the commercials, the focused on the male bodies but they never really touched bases on masculine themes. For Instance in the “Proud Fathers” commercial, all of the characters are males, however, the grandfather doesn’t encourage his grandson or his son to focus on hockey which is consider to be a masculine sport but instead his encourages education. In an American point of view, Education is considered to be more a feminine field of interest where as hard work is more of masculine

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