Michael Argyle's Theory Of Interpersonal Communication

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This theory was made by Michael Argyle (1925- 2002), who was a social psychologist. In the late 1960s he studied social skills, body language, non-verbal communication and interpersonal behaviour. In this study, he found that non-verbal signals can be much more important and useful than verbal communication when trying to trigger peoples’ attitudes and feelings. His research showed and found that the stronger the relationship between the people communicating so with close friends for example the much better eye contact. However, when the relationship is not very strong so when speaking to a stranger people don’t have very good eye contact and they tend to look away when talking. Argyle thought that a positive attitude and the feelings a close friendship has can be encouraged by the good and effective eye contact. He also found that non-verbal signals are just important and effective as verbal signals or communication.
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