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Michael Arneson is an English 105 Professor at Murray State University. Michael is a graduate from Murray State University, where he received his B.S. and Professional writing. After graduation he extended his talents as a body builder. That eventually led to him become a wrestler for Murray Kentucky. Soon after Arneson became a well-known wrestler in the state of Kentucky and started competing in different states around Kentucky. Michael became undefeated around the states. WWE reached out to Michael to be a professional WWE wrestler. Arneson became one of the best WWE wrestler of all time. Arneson was undefeated his whole professional career as a wrestler in the United States Eventually Michael was asked to come compete overseas with some of the best foreign wrestlers. Michael bought a personal airplane when he first started competing.…show more content…
Michael said yes to compete overseas against the best undefeated foreign wrestler.That led to Michael training months prior to the wrestling match. On the big day of the wrestling match Arneson was crowned the best wrestler of the world. After that Michael retired from being a wrestler because he was named the greatest of all time. Soon after Arneson returned to his home town Murray Kentucky to live again. Murray State University soon reached out to Michael to become a professor, he was the highest paid professor on campus. Months later once Michael accepted the job. Once Michael started teaching he found a girlfriend. Caren, Arenson girlfriend, a graduate from Murray State University with a Chemistry Major and working on her masters. Michael and Caren was dating 1 year and Michael proposed to Caren halftime of a Murray State basketball game. Eventually Caren got pregnant with twins. After the pregnancy they continued their lives as one happy family. Michael Arneson currently still a professor for Murray State University as one of the best professor on

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