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Brother’s War (2009) – Colonel Petrov - Based on true events that occurred on the Eastern Front during the end of WWII, as the Western Allies and the Soviet Army advance toward Berlin, a British Army Officer attached to the Red Army witnesses the Polish government 's execution by the Soviets. He is then taken prisoner and meets a prisoner and ally, who is a German Captain. They bond as two Freemasons and plan their escape. Michael Berryman portrays the Russian officer, Colonel Petrov.

Smash Cut (2009) – Philip Farmsworth, Jr. - A low-budget horror director, Able Whitman begins a film about a murderous puppet. Complaints about his special effects skills mount, so he visits the Ass Menagerie and picks up a stripper. The two get into
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Curse of the Lake Monster (2010) – Zombie Head - In this made-for-TV film, the Scooby-Doo! franchise continues with characters portrayed by human actors. During summer vacation, the Scooby-Doo gang set out for a summer vacation. However, Lake monster sightings draw them into the plot of yet another developing mystery. Michael Berryman portrays the terrifying "Zombie Head" in this modern version of this classic franchise favorite.

Satan Hates You (2010) – Mr. Harker - This graphic horror film weaves the tale of Marc, a homicidal maniac, who is fueled by deep-seated demons down in his soul, and Wendy, Marc 's total opposite, who lives life in the fast lane without much thought for the consequences. Their paths eventually collide on what could be either the road to salvation or the path to the pits of hell. Michael Berryman portrays a minor character, Mr. Harker in this unique film.

Mask Maker (2010) – Fred - A couple purchases a 19th Century plantation house in an amazingly affordable deal. However, they former owner returns for revenge on those who dare take over his property. When the couple invites friends to celebrate their good fortune, the fun ends when an ax-wielding maniac appears. Michael Berryman portrays Fred in this film, a local who shares small clues about the maniac and the home 's history with the film 's heroine,

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