Michael Beschloss Presidential Courage Chapter Summary

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Presidential Courage, written by Michael Beschloss, takes the reader through a series of events over 200 years involving 9 different presidents and how America grew to highly respect them. Out of the 9, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Harry Truman were the top 3 most revered Presidents. Beschloss uncovers the troubles each and every single one of the president’s moment of crisis and how they all overcame these problems while risking the stability of the country. George Washington had faced his biggest challenge in the political field and surprisingly not the battlefield in 1795 when he attempted to turn away from a new war against Great Britain that he knew the United States could not succeed. Taking a chance with his prevalence and reputation Washington attempted to influence the American individuals to acknowledge a peace treaty that had been consulted with the British. As the general population storm swelled, riots appeared in New York, Boston, etc. Some needed Washington demoted; others demanded for his execution. Composing with solid and interesting detail, Beschloss indicates how Lincoln went up against the choice to issue the Liberation Decree or better known as the Emancipation Proclamation, and combat once more from the edge of political …show more content…

The events behind each major president has now become much more relevant to the reader because of the amount of history given. Washington, Lincoln, and Truman all deserve spots on this top 3 list whether it was because of ending slavery or aiding the Jews in Europe or even avoiding a mass murdering war, all three presidents deserve to be revered in

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