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Our society today relies heavily on mass media for communication. Through these mediums and others, like television and printable sources, information is spread worldwide. Depending on how the information is presented cultures and overall, households can be persuaded into perceiving other groups of individuals in specific forms. In recent news reporting, there has been a portrayal of police brutality within impoverished communities of color. This has caused an uproar all over the United States. Civil rights leaders and others alike have banned together to protest recent incidents that have taken place. Kalief Browder, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner are just three different but similarly rooted situations that have impacted society in recent…show more content…
He was fatally shot by a police officer in Ferguson, MO. Brown’s story sparked a civil rights movement causing riots within the community. There had been reports of a local convenience store that had been robbed. According to footage Brown and a friend had assaulted the convenience store clerk. The police were called and dispatch gave descriptions of the assailants. The description matched Michael Brown and his friend. They were stopped and questioned. The officer claimed that Brown wrestled him for control of his weapon and then ran. The officer followed them and was trying to get Brown and his friend to stop. At some point, after the officer let one shot go, Brown turns and begins to come toward the officer and the officer shoots him. It was depicted that Michael Brown had been shot by the officer despite the fact, that he was unarmed and his hands were up in the air. The officer shoots and strikes with a total of twelve bullets at Brown. It was found that based on forensic evidence the officer was not charged. Brown’s story was depicted through several forms of mass media which included worldwide news coverage in television. These included CNN as well as many others. In addition, his story made several forms of printable media, for example newspapers like The NY Times. Also, social media was also used to share information amongst activist and protesters worldwide. Lastly, a short documentary film by Jason…show more content…
Weather digital, televised or printed forms of media, having media literacy is the ability to understand and comprehend the different forms. Media Literacy is important because it allows the person to know and distinguish the difference in accuracy within the information being presented. Overall, through mass media there is the ability to provide information, story or messages to a large, diverse audience. In addition, information can be circulated. Years prior all that existed were limited television channels and printed forms of communication. However, now informational media includes many different sources and reaches further than it ever did before. This change has assisted in the evolution of cultural values that may be changed, shaped or

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