Michael Brown Shooting Research Paper

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Education in Ferguson Missouri: And The Death of Michael Brown
The editorial “unheard” portrays the event of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson Missouri and how it affected the people near and abroad. Michael brown, a recent high school graduate, robbed a convenience store. After police were notified, the suspect Michael Brown was spotted by law enforcement. The officer ordered Michael to cooperate but he resisted and later tried to assault the officer according to witnesses. The officer discharged multiple rounds onto the unarmed Michael Brown, later killing the criminal. The article discusses the 1960’s and the racial output as a similar situation to the ones we face today with racial violence. Throughout history we see violence between
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The saying, an educated man is a free man, shows that as soon as americans lose the ability to posses effective education, violence and poverty may arise. The Michael Brown shooting affected everyone across America, and questioned everyone 's thoughts on racism today.
Using forms of pathos, logos and ethos, we see the authors persuasion. A brief passage presented by huffington post states as follows, “...a deeper look at his alma mater, where about 83 percent of students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch and dropout and suspension rates are well above state averages, highlights the inequities he faced while growing up, what he overcame to graduate, the uneven playing field his peers are left to navigate -- and how the school is emblematic of a system that 's failing low-income kids.” The author primarily uses his logos argument here. The passage written by Huffington Post expresses the primary reasoning behind failing school systems in Ferguson Missouri and across the United States. Most argue that the school district has a falling rate of effective and
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