Michael Cassio Character Analysis

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Michael Cassio

Lieutenant Michael Cassio is generally a light-hearted and good-natured young man with considerable popularity and attractiveness. The protagonist of the play, Othello, calls him by his Christian name and thus has a very good relationship with him, while Othello´s wife has taken a liking to him in a non-romantical way.
He appears to be generous and sympathetic and shows great respect and admiration for Othello. Towards Desdemona, he shows chivalrous and gentlemanly behavior and he treats his superior´s wife with utmost respect and platonic adoration. However, Cassio is a gullible and naive character, who has difficulties to deny something to someone, which is partly the reason why he gets utterly drunk, influenced by the cunning
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The large eyes make him appear young and inexperienced. He has a frail figure for a male and one could say that both his face and body resemble that of a boy no older than thirteen. This is highly unusual since Cassio is a character that was portrayed as a handsome, young man and not a fragile boy. This also shows that mangaka often tend to visualize the character traits instead of visual features that only have a superficial relevance.
Michael Cassio´s clothes all appear to be too big. His nature-inspired garments have petal-shaped applications, making him seem like a fairy being. He shows quite a lot of skin, which might be a display of his immaturity and irresponsibility. Cassio is drawn wearing a leather collar with his last name carved into the metal plate, comparable to a collar a pet, especially a dog would wear.
This could be a hint to the absolute fidelity and loyalty he shows towards his superiors, especially Othello. The Lieutenant also carries a gigantic staff that could be described as a magic scepter, since he casts spells with it. It looks like it is made out of wood only, only strengthening his fairy-like
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