Michael Corvin's Short Story

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One dreary waking on a September morning Michael Corvin began his routine as every other morning. During the morning time he: brushed his teeth, took a shower, combed his hair, and lastly ate his breakfast before he left home. His mother Nancy often worried about him because ever since his elementary years he’s been picked on and betrayed by his former “best friend”. The thought of seeing her son come home crying again due to bullying would break her heart, the more he cries in despair the more distraught she becomes. Michael didn’t think too much of it because the more that he thought about the more depressed he became while having such sinister thoughts; to prevent these heinous actions he simply clears his mind and moves on from the situation.…show more content…
Once he arrived to the front doors he was confronted by Selene Blackland, she prevented him from entering the school because of: how baggy his pants were, how long his hair was and how it would cover his eyes, how many freckles he had on his body, and lastly because he tried to date her best friend who was clearly out of his league. It wasn’t more than a five minute wait before the administrator came to gather all students lounging outside to front doors to bring them inside to prepare for class, when she noticed that Selene was up to her shenanigans
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