Michael D. Bender: A Soldier In The Vietnam War

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Heroes Never Die War is one of the oldest concepts known to man. From the fall of Rome and even earlier, mankind has struggled over land, riches, and ideas; all the while leaving devastation in the wake. Although not officially declared a war, the Vietnam Conflict left a level of destruction equal to the previous wars. The Vietnam Conflict pitted the American and Southern Vietnamese forces against the Northern Vietnamese forces and their allies from 1954 to 1973. America’s final action in the Vietnam Conflict was the mass withdrawal of American forces from South Vietnam. These forces, both drafted and enlisted, had been sent to aid South Vietnam while critics back in the United States condemned the loyal soldiers’ actions. One such soldier was Michael D. Bender, a Pennsylvania-born soldier who served his country from 1959 to 1980. Michael D. Bender was raised in suburbia to a large non-military family. He was born in a very small town in Pennsylvania on May 1, 1942. He is the second youngest of nine siblings, three of whom are still alive. Mr. Bender grew up in the rock-and-roll era, complete with his own hot-rod…show more content…
He chose to extend his deployment in-country past the standard twelve months to eighteen months. He was stationed in Da Nang, which is located next to the South China Sea. He served in part of three campaigns believed to include the Sanctuary Counteroffensive; the Counteroffensive, Phase VII; and the Consolidation I. He served in a round-the-clock, continuous transport operation known as the Red Ball Express. This operation shipped various items such as ammunition, medical supplies, vehicles, and large gun parts to support allied troops throughout Vietnam. The Red Ball Express required approximately ten logistics personnel to support one person in the field. Although never involved directly in combat, Mr. Bender was often involved in alerts and short-terms sieges. Mr. Bender left Vietnam in
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