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8. Michael J. Etzel emphasized the service providers must understand two attributes of service quality. Quality is defined by the customer not by the producer or seller. Customers assess service quality by contrast their potential to their perceptions of how the service is performed. In this process, there is no guarantee that expectations will be reasonable, nor is there any assurance that a customers perception of performance will be based on more than a single experience as a result to effectively manage quality a service firm shop,ate
Help customers formulate expectations, - Measures the expectation levels of its target market. - Strive to maintain consistent service quality at or above the expectations level.
9. William
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Edwards Deming highlighted that the biggest opponent to quality is variation; this applies to services as well as products – patients must receive the same high quality of service from all members of the health care team and from the same people throughout time. The personal dimension of service quality adapted for health care is made up of six areas around which service standards should be developed.
Appearance: Patients’ positive or negative reaction to what they see strongly impacts the perception of their experiences. This perception begins with the physical appearance (cleanliness, neatness, maintenance, etc.) of the health care facility, both externally and internally; it continues with the physical appearance of the health care team.
Attitude, body language, and tone of voice: Patients begin forming their impression of this dimension on the telephone. An abrupt, impatient, rude, or hurried voice on the other end of a telephone sets the stage for a negative experience for the patient; then, when the patient is welcomed (or not welcomed) into the health care facility by staff, body language determines the “real message” whereby the patient feels like he or she is either welcome or an interruption in the staff members’
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The anxiety of seeking and receiving health care is worsened when patients are unsure of how to find the radioilogy department, clinical laboratory, or other facilities. When clear written directions accompany verbal directions, along with easily readable signage, way-finding is perceived as much less troublesome. This, in turn, enhances the overall service quality perception.
Gracious problem solving: Given the nature and complexity of health care delivery, it is no wonder that problems tend to occur. Patients generally don’t mind encountering a problem provided it is resolved to their satisfaction in a timely manner.

10. Parasuraman etal (1985) was framed the GAP Model. This model presupposes that service quality is the differences between expectation and performance relating to quality dimensions and he finds the gaps.
Gap 1: Difference between consumers expectation and management’s perceptions of management’s perceptions of consumer’s expectation (not identifying what consumer’s expect). Gap 2: Disparity between management’s perception of consumer’s expectation and service quality specifications (inappropriate service quality

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