Michael Fay Cultural Values Analysis

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Cultural values v.s. Humanity

In the editorial it was noted, “Western Countries value the individual above society; in Asia, he said, the good of society is deemed more important than individual liberties. This comfortable bit of sophistry helps governments from China to Indonesia rationalize abuses and marginalize courageous people who campaign for causes like due process and freedom from torture” (The New York Times 179). “Time to Assert American Values” is a editorial written by The New York times. The editorial focuses on the controversial opinions on Michael Fay’s case. Michael Fay is an 18 year old american found guilty of vandalism in Singapore. The individual is being threatened by caning; a punishment that lashes a person with a cane.
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There are bountiful acts of cruel abuse that cannot be exposed and combated, but there could be hope within Michael’s case. The editor believes, “A case like Michael Fay’s is important because it provides a chance to challenge an inhumane practice that out to not exist anywhere” (TNYT 179). Michael Fay’s case can influence a propagation to end the savage punishment of caning. Traditions can be modified; change is how we make the world a better place. As the editorial states, “At times like this, Americans need to remember that this country was also founded by dissidents--by people who were misfits in their own society because they believed, among other things, that it was wrong to punish pilferage with hanging or crimes of any sort with torture” (TNYT 179). We are a country that fights for freedom and justice, once we had similar cruel ways, but as a nation we aimed to improve ourselves and obtain a righteous penalty system. Americans are not stainless, but rather than hiding from our mistakes, we grow from them. To encourage other countries to fight for revision is how we learn to enhance our…show more content…
That aspect does not have to change, we only ask to handle it without violence. Singaporeans need to stand up for what 's right. The editor concurs, “Now is the time for them to make their voices heard” (TNYT 180). It 's now or never, if you don 't work for a change then it will never happen. This fight is about basic human rights, not only for Singapore but other countries as well. This can help better all countries. The editor assures, “These are values worth asserting around the world” (TNYT 179). With the intention to better ourselves; To protest and request different methods of punishment is worth it. After all, we are all human, and we all should want to feel empathy for one another. Not fuel a crime with a hateful
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