Michael Fay's Article: Cultural Values Vs. Humanity

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Cultural values v.s. Humanity

In the editorial it was noted, “Western Countries value the individual above society; in Asia, he said, the good of society is deemed more important than individual liberties. This comfortable bit of sophistry helps governments from China to Indonesia rationalize abuses and marginalize courageous people who campaign for causes like due process and freedom from torture” (The New York Times 179). “Time to Assert American Values” is a editorial written by The New York times. The editorial focuses on the controversial opinions on Michael Fay’s case. Michael Fay is an 18 year old american found guilty of vandalism in Singapore. The individual is being threatened by caning; a punishment that lashes a person with a cane. So, the argument goes, when Americans openly express outrage over a punishment that results in torture, they are committing an act of cultural arrogance in the assumption that American values are intrinsically superior to those of another culture. To continue an inhumane practice for a crime so megar, only to justify it by values, shows how oblivious the people are to basic human sympathy.
As long as these ‘values’ continue to be overlooked, there can never be basic humane justice in our world. There are bountiful acts of cruel abuse that cannot be exposed and combated, but there could be hope within Michael’s case. The editor believes, “A case like Michael Fay’s is important because it provides a chance to challenge an inhumane

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