Michael Grigio's Ethical Dilemmas

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When referring to the scenario Mr. Michael Grigio (See Appendix A), the primary issue is that Michael and his family has conflicting emotions towards the results of the test and diagnosis. It is an ethical problem because Amir’s morals conflict with the family’s ethical views. In this situation Amir has to decide whether or not he wants to tell Michael the truth. In order to provide a response we can use relational ethics. The ethical issue at hand is whether the nurse should respect the family’s wishes or disclose the truth to the patient. A nurse’s responsibility is to be professional, stay true to the lawfulness of their profession, and follow the Code of Ethics and hospital’s policy (Punjani, 2013). By telling Michael the truth, Amir will…show more content…
In this scenario, Amir would need to understand Michael’s relationship with his parents, since they are his support system. It includes asking open-ended questions, being present and respectful, actively listening, being non-judgmental, and truthful (Pollard, 2015). Since Michael has stated he would like to know the results of his tests, but he does not want to incur familial dysfunction, Amir should further investigate the reasons behind his insecurities. There should be open-honest communication between the patient and nurse, as well as family members. If Amir withholds information from either side, it will be damaging for the relationship between nurse-patient, patient-family, and nurse-family (College of Nurses of Ontario, 2009). Engagement can resolve ethical conflicts because it combines the views of both patient and nurse by looking at what is good and right (Moore, Engel, & Prentice, 2014). Should Michael choose to tell his parents the truth, Amir should be present and provide support as well as advice or a private place for the conversation. Amir should also be readily prepared with information and resources to help with the next steps. He should reassure the family members that the truth will not affect Michael’s well-being, rather hiding the truth will take away opportunities like formulation of will and last goodbyes with family and friends. Amir should also speak to the family and attempt to determine the justification for being upset with their son if he chooses to find out the
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