Michael Ira Asen Case Summary

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The New York Law Practice of Michael Ira Asen

After earning his bachelor of arts from Syracuse University, Michael Ira Asen matriculated at Brooklyn Law School to pursue his juris doctor. In his second year at law school, he began trying criminal cases before judges and juries. Michael Ira Asen accepted an appointment as a federal defender after graduation. Practicing with the United States District Court, Eastern District of New York, he represented clients who faced criminal charges that ranged from drug importation and distribution to political terrorism.

Mr. Asen currently owns and operates his own law firm in Greenvale, New York. His areas of professional concentration include legal and medical malpractice, personal injury, corporate shareholder and partnership disputes, estate litigation, and matrimonial litigation. The private practice is particularly focused on cases involving
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This is the highest professional rating that Martindale-Hubbell offers to practicing US lawyers. Michael Ira Asen embarked on his career as a federal defender with United States District Court, Eastern District of New York, handling a number of cases that involved accusations of white-collar and organized crime. For the past 14 years, he has represented a large number of consumer goods merchants in the areas of civil recovery and employee restitutions after incidences of retail theft.

Currently licensed to practice before six different federal courts in New York and New Jersey, Mr. Asen operates his own private practice in Greenvale, New York. In addition to maintaining this practice, he is a founder of the Sound Shore Symphony Orchestra and a lecturer for the National Business Institute. He formerly owned and managed owned and managed a restaurant/bar in
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