Michael Jackson: A Positive Influence On The World

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Is Michael Jackson a positive influence on the world? Michael Jackson is a superstar legacy that continues to inspire millions to this day. He is commonly referred to as “The King of Pop” and is often considered the world’s most famous superstar. It is hard to believe that this superstar once started off in a five-man band when he was only six years old (Tejvan 1). Quickly enough, his potential was realized, and he earned the lead vocals of the group. His talent soon caught on throughout the whole world and his life was never the same. However, he made some theoretical decisions that involved children and the debate about his intentions were at hand. All things considered, Michael Jackson is a positive influence on the world.
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He won thirteen Grammy Awards total for his famous albums, including eight Grammy Awards for Thriller alone (Harden 1 and Herbert 118 ). In fact, Michael’s Thriller album became the best selling album of all time! (Barnes 4). In 1984, he received a Walk of Fame Star on Hollywood Boulevard in response to his preposterous success as a superstar (Herbert 76). Selling over 750 million albums, it was hard to believe that anyone could top him and outdo his success; it was essentially impossible (Barnes 1). He was also the first music artist to have ever had four top-selling songs in a single album (Herbert 76). Michael also received the White House’s special Artist of the Decade Award (Herbert 165). Equally, he was the first entertainer ever to have the Super Bowl half-time show all to himself, being the only act of the night( Herbert 163). As much as Michael may have captivated the world, he was also charged with multiple counts involving young…show more content…
Years later, the fourteen charges concerned-amongst many others- famous Macaulay Culkin, aged twelve, Brett Barnes, aged eleven, and Jordan Chandler, aged thirteen (Herbert 190). Macaulay and Brett firmly stood with Michael the whole time, denying any sexual harassing or being given alcohol as minors (Herbert 192). However, Jordan Chandler gave the Los Angeles Police Department details regarding Michael’s genitalia. Accordingly, the police demanded to conduct a strip search to dig deeper for more evidence that may have proved Michael guilty (Herbert 195). As expected, the two matches didn’t correspond with each other (Herbert 195). Additionally, the police department searched all of Neverland Valley Ranch-Michael’s sanctuary which contained a zoo and amusement park rides- and his massive mansion in search of any proof verifying these charges (Herbert 138). Not a smidge of evidence was discovered, and Michael was freed of all charges six months later (Herbert 199). In the end, Michael was validated innocent and was released from every charge.
Given these points, it can be assumed that Michael Jackson was a positive influence on the world. As mentioned before, he donated to several charitable organizations, fascinated the world with his dance moves and voice, and received many awards for his contributions to society.
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