Michael Jackson Accomplishments

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Growing up in Gary, Indiana, Michael Jackson was born into a music oriented family that sang, danced, and played instruments. Michael once said that one of his biggest dreams was to become a singer and at the tender age of six his dream came true when he joined his four brothers in forming the group The Jackson 5. It wasn’t long before the Jackson 5 was one of the most popular American groups who saw much success with hits such as “I Want You Back”, “ABC”, and “I’ll Be There.” After several number-one singles and thousands of records sold, Michael eventually branched off to pursue his solo career. I doubt anyone was surprised by this decision due to the level of star quality Michael had even as a young boy just starting out in the music business. As the break-out star of the group, Michael would go on to achieve even bigger…show more content…
Michael was unable to acquire the basic strength of competence because he was scolded by his father and not allowed to have a normal childhood. Assuming that Michael’s father had always been physically abusive to his children, the level of abuse probably increased around the latency stage for Michael when he would have first became a member of the Jackson 5 at six years old. The latency stage is critical for social relationships and interactions because this is the time when school begins and a child can be around peers of his/her own age. This is usually when self-esteem or self-confidence is developed through peer interaction, so failing this stage can result in a child having a difficult time making friends and building lasting relationships. For Michael, the punishment and ridicule that he received resulted in him feeling inferior and inadequate in his ability as a performer in his father’s
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