Michael Jackson: The Untold Story Behind Joseph Jackson

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Michael Jackson Michael Joseph Jackson( was born 1958 and died in 2009) is a genuine music legend. He evolved to be a high-class star at early young at just eleven, as part of a family group band. Then he turned to solo career which gave him the timeless label 'King of Pop'. And his successful albums turned to be of all time classics. Thanks to his unique style of singing, the way he dress and the way he dance(e.g. moon walk). Who does not know the well-known song (Billie Jean) written by himself in the album(the Thriller 1982). His tenure topped the music chart for almost three decades, 70s, 80s and 90s.MTV, the famous music channel, aired his music to entire the globe. Eventually, he became the everlasting icon of the pop culture…show more content…
The interview held the title ' The Untold Story Behind Michael Jackson's Controversial Album'. The family Cascio told the secret friendship with late Jackson which it lasted for nearly 25 years! Without telling anyone about it! He visited them frequently, shared many things with them, he trusted them, have good time with them, spent some quality peaceful time with them, exchanging Christmas presents with them, and even recorded some songs with them. A quarter of a century is quite enough to know what is a close friend is so it is the case with this family. His life covered with a halo of obscurity, Never land Estate, lived under covered kind of life is what was fame of. They mentioned many things from how the relationship started to the last telephone call came from the legend before he died. They described him as a kind, humble and like one of the family member. He kept telling them that they are his second family. The mother get used to cook him foods he loved like homemade pizza, turkey dinners, and even the mashed potatoes. He made use of their basement to turn it to a little music cave studio of his own. The way he picked his pajamas in a way that he put a kind of style on it. This stylish way of life is accompanied the superstar to even the tiny little details of his fashion life. He took a rubbish bag to the bin by…show more content…
Some members of the congress protested by leaving the hall. The outage was mounted, and some congressmen named Jackson and the coverage of his from the media death as a disgrace and even been named a pervert. This disagreement about Jackson's legacy between supporters and 'haters' have shown some polarity. And the American community divided between admirer and hater. To reach this point of conflicting views at high level of governmental positions that shows how controversial the Pop Star

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