Michael Jackson Thriller Analysis

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The Thriller Album by Michael Jackson was revolutionary. It included hit tracks such as “Billie Jean”, “P.Y.T.” (Pretty Young Thing), and of course “Thriller”. It was released in 1982 and skyrocketed Michael Jackson’s career, making him one of the most well known names in music. His previous album, Off The Wall, was a success but didn’t end up winning album of the year. After the album of the year was given to someone else he was quoted telling his manager, John Branca that “this can never happen again”. Before Thriller, Michael Jackson was still living in the shadow of The Jackson 5. This album was what made him the King of Pop since it was the first album written including new disco and funk sounds incorporated into pop soundtracks.
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The video became very popular and is considered a turning point for the music industry in terms of racial equality. Jackson was a huge advocate for African Americans in the music industry. There is a quote I read in which Jackson stated that if Magazines and talk shows wouldn’t give him an interview before he was famous, then he may not give them an interview with him when his career takes off. This was important at the time because there was not very much racial diversity in the music industry, and Jackson wanted to make a change by boycotting magazines until racial diversity was…show more content…
The smooth, layered sounds create a perfect base for the electronic beats. For example, you can clearly hear the electronic influences at the beginning especially, but throughout the entire song “Beat It”. Another song that artfully demonstrates the syncopated rhythms is P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing). Jackson sings or says the lyrics in sets of three; for example, he sings “I want to love you- P.Y.T.”. There is a pause in this phrase that leaves each set of lyrics with an odd number of syllables, causing the syncopated rhythm.
The music was created in a masterful way that transports the listeners back to the 1980s. When I listen to the album I enjoy the catchiness of the songs. I am not usually able to listen to an entire album and not pick favorites or skip over some songs I don’t like, but I enjoy every song in the Thriller album.
Thriller was not only a monumental album when it was created, but the fact that it continues to influence the youth of today speaks a lot about how powerful it really is. I know that personally, when I was first introduced to Michael Jackson’s music, I was hesitant since it was older, but now I can’t stop listening. This album has become my go-to playlist. Even though it is an older album, it is extremely well written, catchy, and
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