Michael Johnson Short Story

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In a poverty-struck and rundown town, a young man, by the name of Michael Johnson, had a big dream. Johnson was only four years old when obstacles already began to enter his young life. He was bullied for his small and skinny stature. The only thing Johnson ever really had as a kid was watching basketball on his small, miniature television, which made loud sounds of static, indicating how old it was. His favorite player was Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon, who, at the time, was a remarkable talent on the basketball court. That was how Johnson’s early life came to be, tough, challenging, yet he had a strong passion for the game of basketball, Since his second year in school, Johnson was spending his time practicing and playing basketball, shooting,…show more content…
Johnson stood there, nervous. It took him a good thirty seconds before he could reply. He felt as if he forgot his own name. “Michael J-Johnson,” he replied finally. One of the coaches, the tallest one, wrote down the name on his clipboard. “MJ, huh?” the first coach said jokingly. “Well get changed out, we will begin in half an hour.” Johnson heads to the locker room, shaking. He was stressed out of his mind. About half an hour passes by and tryouts began. Johnson did well in all his drills and as the end of the tryouts came close, one of the coaches yelled, “Scrimmage!”. Johnson was now more nervous than ever. His heart felt as if it wanted to escape out of his chest. As the scrimmage began, Johnson’s emotions got the best of him, as his anxiety made him miss every shot he took. He was useless on the court, no defense, bad passing, and bad shooting. Tryouts soon concluded and Johnson knew that he failed to make the high school team. He left the gym in frustration and anger, As he got home, his mother immediately ran towards him, excited as can be. “Well how’d you do?” she asked him. Johnson’s mother was an older woman who was taller than average. Almost instantly, Johnson’s mother can sense his son’s disappointment. He never replied and instead went to his
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