Michael Jordan And Scottie Pippen

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There 's a ton of books trying to explain Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen 's legacy. No other novel can compare to Teammates: Michael Jordan & Scottie Pippen, by Bill Gutman. The book goes deeply into Jordan and Pippen 's careers, which is why it deserves an A. Bill Gutman does not only explain the Bulls historic domination in the 90 's, but completely describes Michael and Scottie 's road to the NBA. Both hall of famers had different journeys to be the players they became. Michael and Scottie were both incredibly hard workers, putting countless hours in the gym, but Michael was blessed with skills that can never be compared. Michael shocked the world, which led to high expectations right after high school. Michael broke those expectations…show more content…
Michael and Scottie both highly impacted their high school teams, but Michael just the next big thing. He received a full scholarship ride to the University of North Carolina. Michael won multiplied awards and a national championship in his three year span at the UNC. Scottie was from little town in Arkansas and was quite small to compete at a college, these limited his chances. He didn 't let any of this stop him. He tried out as a walk-on at the University of Central Arkansas and surprisingly made the team. By the end of his senior year, Scottie broke the labeling of being too small as he grew to be six foot, eight inches and dominated NAIA. This is where Scottie 's life changed forever. Scottie was being scouted by NBA teams, which was rare at the NAIA level because it wasn 't as competitive as the Division I level. Michael was drafted 3rd in 1984 Draft Class and Scottie was drafted 5th in the 1987 Draft Class. These are two picks that one will ever forget. Once Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan stepped on the court together, their mark on history began. They won six NBA championship together, each one more meaningful than the last. Michael and Scottie had legendary careers, but once again Michael out shines him. Individually, he won six Finals MVP awards, five regular season MVP awards, and ten NBA scoring titles. They are just a few accomplishments of Jordan 's out of many! Scottie had a great NBA career. He played in seven NBA All-star games, lead the NBA in steals in 1994, and was honored NBA All-Defensive First Team
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