Michael Jordan Field Goals

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Michael Jordan’s assassin mentality to score the ball is a one huge reason why he is the best. Michael Jordan played fifteen seasons in his hall of fame career and made 12,192 field goals, which lead up to be 32,292 points. He is in the top five in the NBA All Time Scoring list at number four. He is also in the top five in the NBA All Time Field Goals Made list at number four. This is just in the regular season, in the playoffs Jordan ranks number one in points with 5,987 and ranks number two in field goals made with 2,188. In both of these lists in the regular season there is one man who is above Jordan and that man was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Kareem ranked number one in both all time scoring and all time field goals. He scored a total of 38,387 points and made 15,387 field goals in the regular season.…show more content…
You can make an argument for Kareem being called the best and not Jordan. Comparing these two great athletes’ achievements they both have six championships, but Kareem only has two final MVPs while Jordan has six. Jordan has five regular season MVPs, but Kareem has six. These two superstars go back and forth in some of their list of achievements, like either Kareem has more of this or Jordan has more of that. However, although Kareem could be considered the best he played twenty NBA seasons, which is five more than what Jordan played. If Jordan would have played five more seasons with the Bulls or with the Wizards, which he played with at the end of his career, he would have definitely scored more points and made more field goals than Kareem in both regular season and playoffs. However, he didn’t so just looking back at both of their legendary careers Michael Jordan had the better
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