Michael Jordan Accomplishments

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Michael Jordan has been deemed the greatest basketball player of all time and has changed the game of basketball. But his accomplishments did not stop when he gave up basketball. He continues to dominate the shoe and apparel industry and has built his brand and his style that everybody, in the world knows about Michael Jordan.
On February 17th, 1963, Michael was born in the heart of Brooklyn. He was the fourth child of five, his mother, Deloris, was a bank teller, and his father, James, was an equipment supervisor who had served in the Air Force. Soon after Michael was born, his family decided that New York was to dangerous, so they moved to Wilmington, North Carolina. His parents set high standards and a disciplined household. James pushed
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Two years later he went back to North Carolina to get his degree in geography. In his first year he made a splash, making the cover of Sport Illustrated and the cover saying, " A star is born". He went on to have an exceptional year, averaging 28.2 points per game and winning NBA Rookie of the year. At the age of 21 Michael signed a five year 2.5 million dollar deal with Nike. Nike used their new star to create the Air Jordans basketball shoe, which became a national sensation. In the beginning the NBA commissioner banned the red and black Air Jordans, and Jordan constantly had to pay the 5,000-dollar fee. These shoes became so popular that a trend started called shoe jackings, where armed robbers would go up to a person and steal their Air Jordans right off their feet. The Air Jordan business was so profitable they had to break it off as the Jordan brand.
He claimed his first MVP award in 1988, unforchunetly his team suffered a devastating play-off lose that year. In the 1990–91 season saw Jordan win his first NBA title by leading the Bulls to victory over the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA finals. Michael was named the NBA Finals MVP. That season also saw him earn his second regular season NBA MVP award. The Bulls would win the NBA Championship each of the following two seasons, with Michael winning both the NBA regular season and finals MVP awards in 1992, and collecting a third NBA Finals
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He worked on his Jordan brand of clothing as well as starting the Michael Jordan Motorsports, a professional motorcycle racing team. By 2006 Jordan had found another way into basketball. He acquired an ownership stake in the Charlotte Bobcats, and the deal had made him the second largest shareholder. Four years later he bought the majority shareholder of the Bobcats, to become the first former NBA player to be a majority owner of a franchise. His purchase of the bobcats was one of the wisest investments of his career. Since 2010 the value of the average NBA franchise has nearly tripled from 367 million to 1.1 billion dollars. He reportedly bought them for 275 million in 2010. The teams value has increased from 410 million to 725 million in one year. Jordan's net worth is at 1 billion dollars, making him the richest man in
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