Michael Jordan Persuasive Essay

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Did you know that Michael Jordan averaged about thirty points a game, and retired with six NBA championships. The debate between who the best basketball player of all time has been going on for many years. Two of the names that come up a lot in this conversation are Michael Jordan and Lebron James. Many of the reasons why this decision can never be agreed on is because of many things. Those things including statistics, how many NBA championships have been won, and what you have been awarded with by the league and sports analysts throughout your career. These reasons listed all show how Michael Jordan is the best player of all time and Lebron is not. There are many reasons why Lebron can not be the better than Michael Jordan was. One of the reasons why Lebron can not be said to be better than Jordan is because of how many championships Michael has won compared to Lebron. Michael Jordan played in the NBA for fifteen years, made it to the finals six out of those fifteen years and won every time. While Lebron is in his thirteenth year in the NBA, made it to the finals seven times, and won three out of those seven times. So theoretically…show more content…
Michael Jordan has won more championships than Lebron, his statistics are better than Lebron’s statistics, and he was recognized more by people when he was a player than Lebron has and is recognized. All of these statements along with the facts behind them just prove that Michael Jordan was a better basketball player than Lebron is now. If you still don’t believe that Michael Jordan is the best player of all time just listen to some of the NBA legends. Larry Bird once said, “everyone obviously thinks that Jordan was the best player ever”. Not only did Larry Bird make that statement so did Hakeem Olajuwon when he stated, “Lebron is among the all time greatest players, but Jordan was much superior to him”. With the facts behind it, and some of the players who could be placed in the top ten stating Jordan is the best, how could he
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