Michael Jordan Role Model

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Have you ever wondered just how Michael Jordan was one of the most incredible role models to ever live, as well as an NBA All Star? Well first he had to go through many ups and downs as a child, and he had to exert all the pain and all of the complications of the world in order to get to where he is today. Also his career in the National Basketball Association was filled with ups and downs, but he continued to strive for greatness to become the player he is now. When he was on the court Michael was one of the greatest players and when he was off the court, he gave many people someone to look up to for advice and help. The life and career of NBA Allstar, Michael Jordan, has served a model to all aspiring basketball players and will continue…show more content…
In one of his last seasons he started a film that is still very well known today called " Space Jam." Michael had made a huge impact in the acting world, but after that Michael was unbiased in retirement and he couldn't stay away from the court. He then returned to the court in 2001 and played for the Washington wizards but wasn't a factor. He retired for good in 2003, announcing that he as finally done from playing, but still this did not keep him far away from the court. In 2006 he brought a share of the Charlotte Bobcats, and soon later became the only former player to own a majority of an NBA basketball team. He wasn't as focused on the Bobcats as he should of been because his son was a uprising star, him and his ex wife were very supportive and Jordan said " he didn't want people to see his son as another Jordan, he wanted people to see him as his own person." ( "Michael Jordan Biography"). This meant that Jordan wanted his son to play on his own terms and become great on his own terms. Even off the court Michael was still trying to impress the world with his great spirit and determination and this would make everyone look up to him as a wonderful role…show more content…
Michael Jordan had to work so hard as a young adult to get to where he is now and it has made people see as an Allstar on and off of the court. Also all his determination to be a greatest role model has made his game much more aspiring to young athletes, and in his older age Michael is still continuing to to be the great role model that he once was as a NBA Allstar. Michael Jordan was possibly the best basketball player in the history of the National Basketball Association but he also was one of the most impactful role models to ever
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