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Sports Fiction Report
For the Love of the Game: Michael Jordan and Me (Trophy Picture Books) , From Publishers Weekly
Just-retired basketball superstar Michael Jordan is the subject of this tribute in verse and paintings.
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As requirement, I have chosen to scan the above book. The picture and its accompanying essay are both excellent. Reading it makes me more interested in sports and have a better understanding of the world famous basketball star Michael Jordan.

I find this book not only have a distinguished author but also have an great illustrator. Because when I take the first look at of this book, I saw a significant visual image. Young Michael Jordan keep his faith on basketball, the backgrounds
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In our lives, we should also be diligent, not to give up our dreams, if we make great efforts, we can create new miracle. To do great effort is essential for making great miracles. Just like the test said, "In the game of life I choose to choose the path that I will take." Then takes a stance and prepares to move like Michael Jordan does.

Besides this book, I also did some research on the background of the author and illustrator. Then I found some interesting things, Greenfield and Gilchrist, which is the author and illustrator, they cooperate several times. I think they appreciate the talent of each other, so they have the privity to creation together. In the book, strong expressive human face, the expression of movement, and the shadow give reader an deep imagination, those picture make a wonderful combination with the poem. All in all, this book give reader a positive and aspirant influence, this book is inspirational!
You don 't even have to know who Michael Jordan is to understand the message in this book: follow your dreams, no matter what. It is an excellent book with a strong positive message to us. I personally like the pictures, we all have different
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I want to share some personal opinion on Micheal Jordan. On the one hand, Micheal Jordan is a great athlete, nobody can doubt it. But for me, he is a philosopher. Different with the other philosopher, he does not use word and text to show his world of spirits, he use his entire life as a evidence to show us his understanding of the world and the thinking. I think that is why the author chose him as a target to create a book. Author is a poet, in my opinion poet is type of philosopher, because they have their unique type of expression of their idea. In my point of view, the author was attracted by Micheal Jordan’s spirit and Micheal Jordan gave him lots of creative passion, then we can feel the same passion while we are reading this
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