Michael Jordan Vs Wilt In Basketball

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WOW! I said as i looked at Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlin’s stats. They are two of the best players to step on an NBA court. Wilt used to have the most 3 pointsers in an NBA season. Michael has only 1,000 points more points than Wilt. Michael and Wilt are similar but way differents in many different ways. Both Michael and Wilt both are legends. To begin, both players have won rookie of the year. Micheal and Wilt both have over 30,000 points for their career. Both have over 30 points a game average. In addition, both have won NBA championships but Michael has won 6. Wilt has the same number of playoffs played but Micheal has better stats. Lastly, Michael and Wilt are mostly know for basketball eventhough Michael used to play baseball. Even though Michael and Wilt are both legends it is easy to tell the differences between these players. Although these two players…show more content…
Michael has played on 2 NBA teams which include the Chicago bulls and the Washington Wizards while Wilt has played on 4 which include LosAngelas Lakers, Sanfranciso Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers, and the SanDiego Conquistadors. Michael played in the MLB for some of his life but decided to go to NBA because that was his favorite sport. Wilt has good handling so he decided to join the Harlem Globetrotters for some of his carrer until he retired in 1973. The last difference between these two players are the family these two have. Michael has 4 siblings which include two brothers and two sisters. Wilt Chamberlain has 6 siblings which include two brothers and four sisters. Both players were happily married even though Michael was married twice and Wilt passed away. Michael is currently married to Yvette Prieto and lives in Chicago Illinouis where Wilt lived in Bel-Air LosAngelos. In conclusion, Jordan and Chamberalain are really great players but it comes down to the games these players play to determine who is the
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