Michael Jordan's Commercial Success

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Everyone knows the world’s greatest basketball player Michael Jordan also has one of the highest sold brands and apparels. Soon Jordan will be 50 years old, and even though he is out of the NBA the economic impact of his commercial success is still felt worldwide. In the early 1980s Jordan came into the NBA, back then athletes did not have their own brands, they were not a business, and endorsements were hard to come by, but Jordan changed all that ( As noted in New York PRNewswire article on June 1st, they stated that the estimate sold was about $10 billion and counting (PRNewswire). The Jordan brand endorses companies like the NBA, Nike, and Air Jordan. Included in the branded products Jordan’s sold things like socks,…show more content…
I do not think anybody else has ever done this before, he was already a star athlete and now here he is coming out with one of the most sold shoes in the nation. The NBA became more popular due to Michael Jordan and the Jordan brand. In the years past Jordan’s sells has grown increase. With the rate Jordan’s are going I can say that Jordan doesn’t have to worry so much about income. Not only are Jordan’s fashionable, but they last a long period of time. How many people can honestly say they bought a pair of shoes 5 years ago and it still looks great? I do not know about you but I enjoy not having to go shopping for shoes every month. We can all say that Jordan’s is now the highest selling shoe, and in this generation where material things is more important Jordan sure did know what he was doing. As I asked around my family and friends of this generation all say that nobody wears Reebok, Chucks, and KSwiss anymore, that those are more of an old-fashion shoe. It is said that many people in middle and high school will get talked about for wearing shoes of that sort. For this generation Jordan’s, Nike, and KDs are in and older brands such as Reebok is…show more content…
We are not trying to convince anyone to buy Jordan’s, but if you sit around and think about it you may want a pair or two because they are fashionable, and long lasting. Jordan knew exactly what he was doing when he decided to make this brand. It is a great way for him to be remembered in the world other than basketball, and people will forever know his name. Each one of my group members all has at least one pair of Jordan’s, and we love them. These shoes are as many people say expensive but we believe that the shoe itself is worth it. No matter if it is Jordan shoes, cologne, shorts, games, under garments, shirts or socks we will be on Jordan side as a strong customer of this wonderful brand. Michael Jordan you sir have a gem on your hand and this product will not only last a lifetime on my feet but you will last a life time in our hearts, so why not go out and buy yourself a pair of these amazing shoes we like to call
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