Michael Jordan's Vertical Jump

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Height and jumping ability are two very essential for basketball as a whole. Leg muscles are the most important, yes the longer your legs are the more force you will have but if one 's muscles are weaker than the other then they won 't jump as high. Over the years people have been getting stronger, taller, and that means there verticals increased too. Vertical jump is important for basketball, Is affected by muscle strength and dieting, , and the performance of what you wear. Basketball was invented in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith,who was a canadian physical education instructor. The game of basketball is very physical and it was made knowing that you 're going to need to be athletic, be fast, and have a high vertical. Michael Jordan is an NBA player who is questionably the greatest to play. “Michael Jordan stomps the yard when it comes to the highest vertical leap in NBA history”. He is 6’6 and has a stifling vertical over other players, that 's why he 's one of the most dominant players because of the athletic ability he is given. Most players from college basketball are even drafted to the NBA…show more content…
The shoes, clothes, and accessories will either help, or prevent your maximum performance. For instance, if you try to jump with a pair of new Jordan shoes you 'll jump higher than with some Vans. Also, if you wear clothes that restrain your body from being able to do everything freely than that 's causing you to be held back.With longer legs you 'll be able to jump higher, and everything else will help you even more in that. In conclusion, there are a great deal of factors that contribute to your vertical jump. Therefore your vertical could be affected by immense amounts of variables that could change the outcome by which you 're trying to achieve. Different shoes could help your ability to jump through the products that the shoe companies put into the shoes. So from what you wear can grant you an ability to jump more from how good the shoe is

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