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In 1960, 77 percent of women and 65 percent of men under 30 had attained the five milestones that mark a transition to adulthood: “leaving home, completing one’s education, starting work, getting married and becoming a parent.” In 2000, those figures had declined to 46 percent of women and 31 percent of men. One-fifth of all 25-year-olds live at home with their parents. Michael Kimmel is an American sociologist specializing in gender studies. He holds the position of Professor of Sociology at the Stony Brook University in New York and is the founder and editor of the academic journal Men and Masculinities. Kimmel goes on to answer and give solutions to why these statistics have declined over the years through a book he published
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While a fair number of Kimmel’s observations about this new demographic are depressingly familiar, he warns that the dangers created by disgruntled guys will rise the longer we tolerate, brush off and deny their bad behavior. “The stakes are higher, the violence more extreme, the weapons more lethal,” Kimmel writes. School shootings, a relatively new phenomenon, are increasing. This is evident jumping back to earlier in the semester when we discussed Lisa Wade’s, “The ‘Benevolent Sexism’ Behind Dylan Roof’s Racism,” article where kids like Dylan Roof, Adam Lanza, and many more used violence to fuel to fuel their hate, and commit heinous acts of terror. These are just some resent acts of violence that Kimmel is conveying to us in…show more content…
And on the other hand, these boys are all taught the “Guy Code” a set of crude command s, or you might say a set of unwritten rules such as, “boys don’t cry, don’t get mad, get even, bros before hoes, size matters and so on. Chapter three goes on to examine the “Guy Code” that is drilled into a child’s head as a youth and the affects guy code has on man today. Nancy Chodorow is a feminist sociologist and psychoanalyst. She has written a number of influential books, and is widely regarded as a leading psychoanalytic feminist theorist. Nancy Chodorow indirectly refers to the “Guys Code” in her article “The Sexual Sociology of the Adult Life.” She describes learned masculinity and the roles that boys must follow in order to become men, likewise when it comes to females and their roles (Chodorow, p.
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