Michael Kirk's Film, League Of Denial NFL Concussion Crisis

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Mike Webster was a center for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Mike Webster had many injuries as a result of playing football. He had broken bones, torn tendons, heart malfunctions, and his teeth were falling out. However, his worst one of all was the injury to his head. In 2003, after Webster passed away, Dr. Bennet Omalu did an examination of his brain. In this examination, Dr. Omalu found a chronic disease that he believed to be caused by playing in the NFL (Kirk). As stated in the film by Steve Fainaru, “And that decision would change the NFL, because if Webster’s brain had not been examined, I don’t honestly think that we would be where we are at today” (Kirk). Without this examination the investigation would not have occurred, and therefore, the muckraking would not have occurred.…show more content…
Michael Kirk, the director of this film, is a well renowned filmmaker. He has produced more than 200 national televised programs. In 1987, he made his own company, the Kirk Documentary Group. Michael Kirk is very well educated, having received a Neiman Fellow Award…show more content…
Some of the information was obtained through examinations and scientific studies, and other parts were obtained through interviews. Michael Kirk interviewed many people. He interviewed scientists, sports reporters, doctors, and many others in order to get many different perspectives and as much information as he could on this topic. The research and investigation started in 1994, when Mike Webster was first showing symptoms of a chronic brain disease. The investigation ended in 2013, when the film was released

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