Summary: An Elite Journey

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Ana Cecilia Roque Luna Mr.Young English 01/11/18 An Elite Journey The author of An Elite Journey is Michael Massucci. An Elite Journey is based on Massucci’s basketball experience as a coach for basketball. Massucci has coached high school varsity teams for 20 years. The fact that the author had various years of coaching allowed the real intensity of the game to be presented with nerve- racking last -minute game -winning shots. Coach Massucci also wasn’t only focused on winning in the game but in real life. He taught his players to live by the West Point motto “choose the hard right over the easy wrong”. An Elite Journey tells the story of CJ as he strives to reach his goals. All this occurs through present- day times. Throughout the book CJ post numerous “tweets” which indicates the book was written from 2006 on. It is known for “old” people…show more content…
After playing a tough semifinal they were able to qualify against an amazing team, who consisted of a player almost as talented as CJ and he came in 6’10”. The game had been fast paced. The crowd was in awe as they witnesses two of the best players in the state play an astounding game of basketball. They maintained a tied game until the last few minutes where the game would depend on whoever held position of the ball at the end, it was that close. Only eight seconds before the timer went out the opposing team managed to put in a three- point shot. Following that CJ made a three- point to tie the game once again, however, of the referees argued claiming he was on the three- point line. Which put CJ’s team onto a disadvantage of 1. This still 3.1 seconds left of game time, and like it often happens, CJ earned two free throws. CJ didn’t perform any worse under pressure. He showed his ability to play under any circumstance, even if that puts a championship on the line. After his shots, the team celebrated their last- minute
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