Michael Moore Idiot Nation Analysis

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In "Idiot Nation", Michael Moore openly and honestly expresses his feelings about the American system and education. He presents this as an essay, selected from his novel Stupid White Men, in which he submits his arguments as a political activist, concerned about the state of this nation. Moore spends most of his time in this selection, proving the sorry situation of American society. His arguments present a current issue that concerns the country today. He aims at politicians and other leaders to make the audience aware of all the corruptness in office. Using logos, such as statistical evidence and facts, to substantiate his arguments, Moore engages his readers in his story. Moore 's strong emotions on the subject of the failing American school system are well expressed in this selection and are used to make the nation 's residents aware of the level of stupidity America has reached.…show more content…
Every claim he makes is made with use of good logic and solid evidence. America, as a nation, truly is the cause of its ' own downfall. Americans are so lazy and carelessly dependent on technology, which is the reason the country is so stupid compared to the others. The statistics of the "forty-four million Americans...who are functionally illiterates" (129), as Moore states, is really embarrassing. The fact that more people are knowledgeable about sports than American history shows the level of stupidity of the nation. It is evident that political leaders have become blinded by power and money, that they have become ignorant towards important matters such as the education system. The country needs to shift its focus onto things that actually matter, not things that allow an illiterate person to lead a successful life in this country, such as technology. Moore has done an excellent job of expressing deep concern for the upcoming generations. American society needs to reevaluate its priorities and reset its standards in order to excel as a country. In “Idiot Nation”, Michael Moore uses great structure and pathos to present his argument and appeal to his readers. His ideology supported well by statistical data and is further illustrated by personal experiences. Though, Moore is bias because he is an activist and social critic, and he doesn 't express the views of the opposing side. His emotions are loud and clear in his writing, and Moore has done an outstanding job of getting his message across of the concern for the well-being of the American
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