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One famous case of a wrongful conviction sparked a documentary called “An Unreal Dream” about a Austin, Texas man named Michael Morton. Morton was accused of murdering his young wife Christine the day after his 32nd birthday. On August 13, 1986, Christine was brutally murdered while lying in bed. The only witness to the murder was the couple’s 3-year-old son Eric. Michael who worked at a local grocery store, was not at home the time of the murder. The day before, the family went out to dinner to celebrate Michaels birthday. The couple had just gone through a pretty traumatic and stressful event, because their young son was battling heart disease. The dinner was also a celebration on a successful surgery for Eric. When they arrived home, Michael wanted to spend a nice romantic evening with his wife, but Christine fell asleep. Michael wrote a note to Christine so that she can read it in the morning explaining how he was a little disappointed, but it was ok because he still loved her. At around 3 am Christine woke up to apologized…show more content…
Although it was a very life changing situation for Michael, he tried to make the most of his new life. He made new friends and prison and eventually earned his Bachelor’s degree. 15 years had passed and Michael was still sitting in prison. His lawyer at the time Bill Allison, felt from the bottom of his heart that Michael was innocent. Allison had heard of an organization for people who were wrongfully convicted of crimes. The organization was called The Innocence Project, and Allison felt that they could really help Michael. He enlisted the help of an attorney that worked for The Innocence Project, John Riley. At the time of Michaels trial, DNA evidence was rarely used. Both Michaels attorney’s file a motion to have DNA tested on the swaps used on Christine’s body, but on a bloody bandana that was found close behind the family’s

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