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Rhetorical Analysis of “It Happened to Him. It’s Happening to You.” By Michael Novacek Paleontologist Michael Novacek wants the world to know that there is extinction on the rise. And, by on the rise, he means that it is happening right now. By using evidence from scientists, including the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, he provides his audience with reliable sources and a sense of trust. It is hard to trust someone who does provide good evidence for an argument. He also appeals to families by stating the affect a future without a majority of the world’s species could have on them, specifically their health. Michael Novacek produces a strong, reliable argument with all of this. While there are people who want to refute his point that the argument that the main culprit, global warming, is fake, Novacek still takes it upon himself to write this article. If he did not care enough, he would not have provided the information to possibly change minds and make a difference. Michael Novacek is the senior vice president and provost, or senior administrative officer, at…show more content…
The name of the article itself is “The Sixth Extinction”, making the content of it straight forward and attention grabbing. People know about the fifth extinction 65 million years ago, but they probably have no idea that there is a sixth one in the making. He goes on to mention it three more times in the span of three pages, even adding it into his conclusion. Starting off the article, including it in the body, and having the word “extinction” in the conclusion show that this is an obviously important subject that Novacek wants his audience to pay attention to. He even uses it in a paragraph containing pathos, going on to say that a sixth extinction could not only create a dull world for children, but it could also be the downfall of

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