Michael Oher Research Paper

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The person I am researching is Michael Oher who does not have any current nicknames. Michael’s birthday is on May 28th 1986. Michael changed other people’s opinion of homeless people. He took a stand for homeless people and people that have had parents or family members that do drugs. He became famous because he was once a homeless person but someone decided to take him in and take care of him. Then he became a football player. His mother did crack cocaine and his father was murdered but that did not stop him from becoming a football player and accomplishing his dream. Michael Ohers childhood was not good at all. When Michael was young, he had a terrible life. He was one out of twelve children born from his irresponsible mother. Ohers mother was addicted to crack cocaine and other drugs. He had a very bad GPA and performed very poorly as a student. He had been to eleven different…show more content…
When Michael Oher became an adult, he did not have any jobs at all because he was still homeless. When someone took him in, he got started with his football career but fir he had to get his grades up to be in football, which meant he had to work hard. His coach wanted him to work hard because he really wanted him on his team; he had the right body for it. He became very rich and famous because he did this. He absolutely loves the fact that he chose this because he gained a lot of self-confidence. He will never ever forget the person that got him to where he is now, his foster mom and dad. When Michael Oher started being recognized by his amazing story, he LOVED it. Michael created change by standing up for homeless people that have struggled or struggling with what he had to go through as a kid. He accomplished coming over homelessness and being poor. It influenced change because now sometimes people are treating homeless people nicer because of his impact on it. He had influenced the future by helping more human beings
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