Michael Oher's Life Exposed In Michael Lewis The Blind Side

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Five percent of the United States population is homeless, one of the million people being NFL superstar, Michael Oher. Various life lessons are taught throughout the novel The Blind Side by Michael Lewis. The 300 pound monster went through a rough patch in life as he was growing up. Michael was automatically thought of as empty-headed due to the tone of his skin. Teachers didn’t believe he could be taught since he was large and black. People would tell his foster parents to throw him out on the streets, because he shouldn’t be trusted in a house full of whites. He was called disgusting names from the day he was born and had always deal with it. A major theme of the novel is judging people based on their character, not their appearance. Michael wasn’t treated with the same respect that everyone else was. Michael was new to town when he moved to his modern school, Briarcrest Christian School. Teachers didn’t believe Michael could learn efficiently, because he was large and black skinned. He wasn’t the smartest kid out there, but the lack of confidence the teachers showed didn’t help the cause. The teachers were against certain tones, and all for others. If you were white then you were treated in a fairly manner, if you were of another skin color then you were just “there.” Michael’s test scores were disappointing when he first…show more content…
Michael’s foster parents had been approached by many adults that had told them that Michael was bad for them and their family. People had believed he would steal, hurt, or do something to cause major issues to the family. Since he was of a different race, he wasn’t the “same” as everyone else. Michael’s appearance was what the people recognized him as, not the reality from the inside. He went through every single day being looked at as if he were trash. The skin color of a human isn’t what characterizes someone, it’s who they are as a
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