Michael Phelps Thesis Statement

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Introduction: Michael Phelps has been one of the most talked about sportsperson across the globe. Due to his superhuman performance in Beijing Olympics in 2008, he has risen to the peak of stardom of excellence and success. The most intriguing and fascinating part is how he has leveraged the position by sieging the opportunity of branding himself and has become a global brand himself. In this article, we will discuss the rising story of Michael Phelps under the light of business strategy. Background: In order to market Michael Phelps as a “global brand,” Michael Phelps and Peter Carlisle followed the AFI framework, allowing them to reach their goals. They analyzed Michael’s situation, formulated a strategy on how Michael would win at the Olympics and Peter would increase Michael’s worldwide recognition, and implemented the workout routine and marketing of Michael Phelps. In his childhood, MP was determined to have ADHD disorder. Specialists recommended swimming to enable him to release his hyper energy which was a great idea. In the vicinity of 2004 and 2008, Michael Phelps went to the University of…show more content…
His coach, manager and he himself have worked collaboratively to make this up to this far. There are instances, when he envisaged his success and took it to the next level through meritocracy and proper branding strategy which resulted him being sponsored by so many top notch brands. There are few areas where branding, has played the pivotal role in the success factor. The few points that come up as analysis are: • Endorsing celebrities has the potential to either enhance or damage a company’s image. Celebrities are often in the spotlight, so their behaviors need to correlate with the mission and values of the firm. If a celebrity does something that goes against the company’s values or mission, it can negatively affect how internal and external stakeholders view the
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